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Welcome to our collection of what we think is some of the best, most creative, REAL communication out there (and some that fails at being real). We even give out a special award sometimes — A GWH W.T.F.—to showcase the Winners, Toss-Ups, and Flops. ‘Cause hey, inspiration can come from lots of places, right?

Because every brand needs one.

Powerful Branding Through Promotion

What does pet adoption have to do with home buying? Well, a recent TV spot from Coldwell Banker will make you believe it's quite a lot.

In a promotional campaign that has been going on for 3 years now, Coldwell Banker and Adopt-A-Pet have found homes for over 20,000 dogs. That’s pretty impressive in itself, but what really makes the promotion so outstanding is its ability to raise awareness about the importance of pet adoption without coming off as self-serving in any way.

It’s a beautiful spot — from the direction to the editing, the casting, the set design — everything comes together so perfectly. Repeated viewings will impress anyone, so perfectly edited.  (Just take for example how quickly we understand the man’s loneliness after a failed relationship. That all happens in about 4 seconds. Bedside photo. Doors open. Doors close. It’s really quite astounding in its efficiency.) There isn’t a wasted moment and the payoff is truly emotional. Don’t miss the behind-the-scene video as well.

The admirable fact: when your promotional efforts are so right and so strategically aligned with your brand message that emotional impact isn’t sullied by overt self-promotion or commercialism, that's a total win.

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