Can’t you see I’m BUSY?

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to be “marketed to.”
People are too busy living their own lives.

That's why we go beyond marketing and connect with REAL PEOPLE on real terms.

Are you ready to start a conversation?


Hell, there are no rules here –
we’re trying to accomplish something.

Thomas Edison

We threw out the rules. Our contemporary agency model was built to be more effective — open, inclusive, and not limited by convention. We surround challenges with resources that are BEST, not simply available. It’s a difference that makes a difference, and that’s a good thing. 


Karen Goyette Hoffman
President, Managing Director, Owner of Getting People to Do What You Need Them to Do.

As if you needed proof? Karen drove record-breaking United Way participation across all of Kraft by convincing the C-Suite to be auctioned off as personal assistants to the winning employees!

A proud, diehard Parrot Head, she's a creative firebrand who’s lit a spark under brands like Kool Aid, Kraft, Black & Decker, Clean & Clear, La Choy, Starwood, and Ameritrade. And that doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. After more than 30 years doing what she loves, how could it?

Glenn W Hoffman
Owner, Chief Creative Officer of Getting People to Do What You Need Them to Do.

He’s so good, he got 78,923 people to check out his online photography site in under a month. It turns out a picture’s worth more than seventy eight thousand words!

He’s racked up 45 years of experience on iconic brands like American Express, Uniroyal, Puerto Rico Board of Tourism, Shell, and Maxwell House, to name a fraction of them. He loves really good scotch, The Discovery Channel, and all things Egypt.

Noah Davis
Vice President, Creative Innovator of Getting People To Do What You Need Them To Do.

Creativity is at his core. A 22-year veteran in the industry, Noah has poured his sweat equity and charm into everything from tourism to pizza to sunglasses and semiconductors. He’s even worked on the venerable Oreo!

He likes his Internet fast and hates people walking in front of him slowly — especially when he’s walking Punch and Butters, his cat and dog.

Oh, and the road to his heart is paved with macaroni and cheese.

Jim Buzak
Vice President, Associate Creative Director of Getting People to Do What You Need Them to Do.

Need help with the powers of persuasion? Jim convinced more than 150 members of his church to enter a photo contest. He turned a group of amateur photographers, from age 8 to 88, into photographers and helped raise over $1500.

Jim has worked with a lot of brands you come into contact with every day, like Nestlé Quik, Kool-Aid, Cool Whip, Hellmann’s, Finlandia Vodka, RC Cola, MasterCard, Avis, Wells Fargo, and Reach. He loves cilantro, but hates buffets and surveys.

Diane de Jesús
RD and Client Services Dietitian to Get People to Do What You Need Them to Do.

Diane “Fitness” de Jesús is a Registered Dietitian from Brooklyn (from before Brooklyn was cool) who hikes, kayaks, travels, and teaches Zumba. In short, if it’s good for the heart and soul, Diane is all over it.

She’s creative as heck with her healthiness, though — like when she combined her love of wine with her passion for fitness and she and her hubby biked the Long Island wine trail!

Diane loves the hot (summer), hates the cold (winter), and is known by the motto “Always have snacks handy!” Guess that’s how she gets people to do the things she needs!

Janis Passy
Account Supervisor of Getting People to Do What You Need
Them to Do.

Janis could sweet-talk anyone into doing just about anything. After a relo to Florida a decade ago, she knew only 2 people in the entire state, but built a successful $10mm real estate business in under 3 years. Now that proves the point in spades.

She’s smart enough to use the word “gregarious” in a sentence, loves anything that makes her smile, and chauffeurs her teenage daughter around as a second career. In her spare time, she’s brought life to Maxwell House, Jell-O, Hi-C Juice Drinks, A&W Root Beer, Wisk, and Dannon.

Michele Palazzolo
Account Supervisor of Getting People to Do What You Need
Them to Do.

Michele got her best friend, who is BY FAR the pickiest eater ever, to eat squid. Now she LOVES it. (Does Michele eat squid, is the question?)

Michele spells her name with only one L and has worked at World Wrestling Entertainment. Now, she spends her days with well-known brands like Procrit, Goya, Sea Cuisine, and LevAqua. Lucky isn’t just an adjective for Michele. It’s her Pekingese who she loves (loves, LOVES!).

Liz Cahill
Senior Vice President, Business Director of Getting People to Do What You Need Them to Do.

So, we don’t ask her how she got hundreds of college freshman to do the Chicken Dance through the streets of Milwaukee... just glad she still has those kind of persuasive powers.

She’s a Bay Area native who lives in Denver for now. (She’s lived in 5 different cities already since she’s been at GWH, so no one thinks she is staying put.) If it’s active, Liz does it: skiing, triathlons, hiking, and snowshoeing. She has worked on all manner of brands with giants Kraft, ConAgra, Unilever, and Nestlé. Oh, and one of her many hobbies is vacationing. Actively.

Dan Walker
Vice President, Director of Agency Operations of Getting People to Do What You Need Them to Do.

Dan is known for the impossible: getting people to do their timesheets. Nuff said.

Says he has worked in the industry for a thousand years. He’s a golf-obsessed, die-cast model car collector (mostly 1/24 scale and mostly from the 50s and 60s). Dan hates it when people eat when talking to him on the phone. Oh, and his mom says he’s loyal, smart, and handsome.

Diane Devine
EVP Business Development & Strategy of Getting People to do What You Need Them to Do.

OK, top this one. Diane got a bunch of 6th graders to help design a new product for kids. The So What? The product became a $35MM business at Walmart!

So, lighting that fire is in her blood. Whether on the client or agency side (done both,) she's a leader who breathed life into brands like Cool Whip, CBS' Survivor, J&J, JOSÉ OLÉ® Brand, Hellmann's, Pringles, andTide. Her passion for what she does ignites others—clients, consumers or her college students as a favorite professor. Loves playing with family, friends, and tennis partners. But, not past 10 p.m. As an early riser, she's a goner by then.

Richard Keith
Vice President, Associate Creative Director of Getting People to Do What You Need Them to Do.

Richard once convinced his friend and fellow musician to radically change his performance technique by trashing the lyrics sheet in front of him while onstage. Later, this dude actually claimed it was the best advice he ever received as a musician.

An alumnus of Springfield Elementary School, he’s a rhythm guitarist, mandolin player, singer & songwriter who has worked on Kraft, Reach, Dannon, Healthy Choice, Banquet, Marie Callender’s, and José Olé.

Bruce Hoelzl
Vice President, Strategy & Alliances That Get People To Do What You Need Them To Do.

Bruce Hoelzl loves being outside in every sense of the word. He’s an avid outdoorsman who skis, hikes, runs and mountain bikes. But his brain also enjoys the outside — for more than 20 years, his thinking has come from outside the box!

He gets a workout strategically, too, with success across dozens of diverse brands from American Express and Capital One, Wheat Thins, Ocean Spray and Oreos, to Gardasil and Nicorette.

He says he’s rational but optimistic. Maybe that’s how he sold a newsletter to a cattle breeding organization called the “Bull Sheet.” No sheet!

Betsy Kent
Social Media Maven of Getting People to Do What You Need
Them to Do.

Connection is Betsy’s middle name. She constantly convinces people to have open minds when it comes to social media. (She hears, “Social Media $#@!” a lot.) Guess her early stint at The Yellow Pages prepped her for today’s world of “like,” “friend,” and “poke.”

She’s a savvy digital marketer who loves good cole slaw (detests when it’s bad). She has two fat cats named Yuki and Cocoa. She does her thing to help people connect with brands from José Olé and Sea Cuisine to Chelsea Piers and Suburban Carting!

Chris Davis
Vice President, Creative Innovator of Getting People To Do What You Need Them To Do.

Chris is a jack of all trades. After all, he went to 10 different grammar schools.

He’s worked on everything from cars to insurance to fish to finance and telecom. Yep. Just like we said, he’s seen it all.

And, if there are any doubts about his powers of persuasion, he got a kid to sell him his eternal soul for a 75¢ taco in high school. In case you’re wondering, he still owns it.

Sue Levine
Quality Control Manager of Getting People to Do What You Need Them to Do.

Get this. Suz helped stop a war. It’s a long story, but she’d love to tell you. Talk about quality control!

Suz has a storied past that includes a stint at Harvard, MIT, the State of Connecticut, the USDA and a nightclub in the 1970s. She has ushered every brand through GW Hoffman for the last 18 years. And is likely the most important set of eyes that will ever see a brand.

Antonio Iannitti
Digital Production Manager of Getting People to Do What You Need Them to Do.

Tony believes that knowledge is power—it helped him deliberate with a salesperson over the price of a video camera. The folks around him applauded his spiel—cause it saved them money, too!

Tony’s a Bronx native. He and his kids enjoy spending time with Butterscotch, their hamster. Pizza? “Yes please,” he says. When he’s not at GWH, he’s playing soccer or out on his motorcycle.

Dmitry Sinelov
Associate Creative Director of Getting People to Do What You Need Them to Do.

Dmitry lives how important it is to KNOW your audience. Here’s the game: His kids have spotless and organized bedrooms for 2 months and they can get a pooch... No dog for 8 years running.

Dmitry loves Indian-style lamb chops and collecting racecar models. His only pets are his two children (how profound). Dmitry has shared his creative vision with Jell-O, Country Time Lemonade, Oreo, plus Harry Potter (The Movies), and Shrek, just to name a few.

Craig Nolden
Account Supervisor of Getting People to Do What You Need
Them to Do.

Need someone to do something? Ask Craig. Case in point: when backstage at a Ramones concert, he convinced Joey Ramone to play a song that they’d never played on tour. They played it, then dedicated the song to him.

Craig loves action movies, romantic comedies, and the smell of leaves, because it reminds him of being a kid. He’s worked on Continental Airlines, Chevrolet, Miracle Whip, Kraft Mayo, and Healthy Choice, too.

Kathy Gouin
Senior Vice President, Business Director of Getting People to Do What You Need Them to Do.

Kathy gets action through involvement — whether that’s asking her kids for their POV on dinner choices, or medical advocate boards for theirs on local needs. “Ask and ye shall receive” may not be such a trite saying after all.

Kathy’s career just celebrated its 26th birthday! Over that time, she’s worked on Kraft, Unilever, AstraZenica, J&J, and Dannon. She’s a summer-lover who’s not a fan of Lady GaGa’s identity crisis.

Mary Rather
Account Executive of Getting People to Do What You Need
Them to Do.

Mary uses her skills for retail improvement — she’s gets people to shop where they’d never have dreamed of going without her—and actually love the results.

Mary has been at GWH for 9 years. She’s born and bred Connecticut, has a degree from Boston College, and a Shih Tzu named Brady. When she’s not walking with her girlfriends, she’s probably giving a tennis ball one heck of a workout.

Christine Rolfe
Strategy and Planning Consultant of Getting People to Do What You Need Them to Do.

Talk about persuasiveness. Christine talked a group of friends into joining a 200-mile, 34-hour relay. To this day, they all claim she has a special way of almost killing them.

Her branding experience rules the whole grocery store: Miller Beer, Wonka confections, Alpo, Friskies, Contadina Pasta and Sauces, Chef Boyardee, Healthy Choice and the old man himself, Orville Redenbacher's. No wonder she’s known as the one “who gets shit done.”

Josette Millar
Interactive Director of Getting People to Do What You Need
Them to Do.

She’s actually famous for convincing people to adopt healthy, plant-based diets. (That’s an easy one, right?)

Our calm and sensible international voice from Switzerland, she says the only thing she hates are swarming bugs. (She’s easy to please.) Luckily, she never encountered those while bringing a voice to brands like Kraft, Johnson & Johnson, Sea Cuisine, and Memorial Sloan Kettering. Or maybe she did. That’s why she loves the digital world.

Alex Goodman
Social Media Manager of Getting People to Do What You Need
Them to Do.

Practice makes perfect. As a tot, Alex cajoled his mom into readying the school clothes he liked best. As a teen, he got dad to buy him a car. Now, to continue the momentum as an adult, he talks his wife into running in the freezing cold with him. What’s next?

He’s been in the industry since he was 15, working on Verizon Wireless, Panasonic, Hyundai/Kia, American Airlines, Microsoft, Mrs. Butterworth’s, and Duncan Hines. He’s adventurous and doesn’t get along with his own comfort zone. But, that’s what makes him so good.

Ann Buivid
Trained Brain in Getting People to Do What You Need
Them to Do.

Ann is an expert at convincing people to try new things. Really new, actually. Whether it’s pampering experiences (like kooky, out-there, spa treatments) or experimentation with new foods, Ann is more like a Pied Piper to those who know her.

When asked to describe herself in 5 words, she said ‘Screaming extravert, lifetime learner, conceptual, imaginative, romantic pragmatist, and pragmatic romantic. See? She really is extraverted (that was 10 words)! Oh, and she loves small French villages.

Mary Jo Roberts
Associate Creative Director of Getting People to Do What You Need Them to Do.

This is actually true: Mary Jo convinced people to donate money to cancer research by walking all night long. (Wait’ll you hear that tale.)

When she’s not Associate Creative Directing, Mary Jo is drawing, painting, making jewelry, and welding. Yeah. Welding! She’s creative and both hard-working and easy-going. But she’s really known for being the modern day Betty Crocker (in a fashionable scarf) who keeps everyone way too fat and way too happy.

JoAnn Lapko
Account Coordinator of Getting People to do What You Need
Them to Do.

Ah the power of persuasion! JoAnn convinced someone with a severe fear of heights to go on a hot air balloon ride. And get this: they liked it!

JoAnn has worked on everything from vacuum cleaners to bras & girdles, hotels, banking and skin products. She's a resourceful, loyal, reliable, organized, honest woman who still loves to garden while hanging out with her gaggle of wild mallard ducks and Mike, her dog.

Allen Tarasovic
Digital Production Director of Getting People to Do What You Need Them to Do.

Allen not only persuades, but he’s usually right. Like when he convinced the owner of a small company he worked for to switch gears and target a totally new industry to diversify. It’s the reason the dude is still in business today.

He’s a self-made, family-loving photographer who loves the outdoors. Not a fan of waiting or raisins, Allen has worked on Dole, Frito Lay, Thomas’ English Muffins, Nestlé, Bic, Ford Motor Company, Jack Daniels, and Finlandia Vodka (but didn’t mix the drinks and the cars).


Creativity that works in the real world, not just the board room.

In the real world, people don’t live in silos. So, we don’t think or communicate that way either. We use dynamic strategy and content to find the best ways to create conversations, no matter where.



We speak "People-ese."

Which means we speak their language, not ours. We speak frazzled commuter and work-from-homer. We speak to the single mom who triples as science teacher, referee and motivational speaker. To he who loves to cook and she who hates it. To people busy living their life.

People who'd be open to trying new things if they were approached the right way. So we do.

See some of the great conversations we've started.

Strategy & Planning

“Ours is not to reason why...” Sure it is. And it’s the only way to win.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • New Product Development
  • Channel Planning
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sustainability/Green Marketing

A Brand is a living, breathing thing, with personality, style, and rules all its own. We conceive, nurture, grow, and appreciate it like a best friend. 

  • Brand G.P.S.: Grounding, Positioning, Scaling
  • Identity Architecture
  • Logo Development

Compelling creative communication — masters across media, because that’s how people live. 

  • TV
  • Print
  • Radio
  • Video
  • Digital/Mobile
  • Out of Home
  • Media Planning & Buying

Because sometimes people need a little more to take that next step, we’ve learned how to get the sale. 

  • 360 Activation Planning
  • Account-Specific Programming
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Events
  • Experiential
  • Partnerships
  • Contests/Sweepstakes/Games
  • Sampling

Brings life, dimension, and real-time conversation to the world of Marketing. A medium that commands respect. 

  • Website Design and Development
    • Desktop/Mobile
    • Responsive Design and Technology
  • Rich Media
  • Video/Animation
  • Advanced Analytics
  • SEM: Paid Search & SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Display Ads

Who you are on the inside must be reflected on the outside — and preserved, protected, and shown to your best advantage. That’s why, to us, packaging is way more than window dressing. 

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Architecture
  • Name Generation
  • Brand-Linked Equities
  • Icons/Logo Design
  • Package Design
  • Consumer Research

Every 60 seconds, more than 136,000 photos are uploaded, 510,000+ comments are posted and 293,000+ statuses are updated. Ignore Social Media? Mistake. Big mistake. 

  • Social Footprint Planning & Implementation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogging and Content Marketing

Retail Marketing

Today, the brick & mortar store has to do way more than simply shelve your product. It has a conversation all its own. Kind of like Speed Dating — it either looks and sounds enticing enough, or the relationship stops there. So, we seduce.

  • Channel Analysis & Planning
  • On Premise Advertising
  • On Premise Events
  • Custom Build-Outs
  • Club, Mass Merch, & Specialty

Case studies

Giving Birth
To A Brand
Giving Birth<br />To A Brand Giving Birth<br />To A Brand
Sea Cuisine
Packaging: Personal Brand Style
Packaging: Personal Brand Style Packaging: Personal Brand Style
Creating Digital Persuasion
Creating Digital Persuasion Creating Digital Persuasion
Expanding Influence Across Cultures
Expanding Influence Across Cultures Expanding Influence Across Cultures

Healthcare professionals are people too.

Health Marketing can be tricky, with a maze of ever-changing regulations and serious topics to address. Easy to forget Healthcare Pros are real people, too. But that's how we market to them. Real talk, combined with real expertise. It's why our work works so well.

Have a look at some of our conversations with Healthcare Professionals:

Strategy & Planning

It’s a whole new world in healthcare today. We help you navigate the complex landscape to get where you need to be. 

  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Target Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Advisory Board Development

Healthcare today has become about establishing and distinguishing your brand, in addition to your skills. In a competitive sea of service providers, who you say you are matters.

  • Brand G.P.S.: Grounding, Positioning, Scaling
  • Identity Architecture
  • HCP/Patient Research
  • Logo Development
  • Claim Development

It’s not only what you say, it’s how you say it and where you say it. 

  • Print
  • In-Office
  • Digital
  • Video
  • Direct Response
  • Media Planning & Buying

In the complicated world of rules and regulations, information overload and indecision, we successfully get people to do what you need them to do. 

  • 360 Plan Integration
  • Targeted HCP Programs
  • Loyalty/Influencer Programs
  • Events
  • Experiential
  • Partnerships
  • Sampling

Connecting brands, health professionals, and the people they serve, through the amazing and ever-changing world of digital. Not always easy, but that’s why we ‘re good at it. 

  • website design and development
    • Desktop / Mobile
    • Responsive Design and Technology
  • rich media
  • video / animation
  • sem: paid search & seo
  • Content Marketing
  • Display Ads

Making connections and creating conversations that matter. One of the most powerful tools we’ve got. 

  • Social Footprint Planning
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogger/KOL Outreach

Patient Education

An English Philosopher Herbert Spencer once said, “The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.” Our forte is delivering the complex messaging needed to help real people understand and take that action. 

  • Point-of-care
  • Direct Mail
  • Digital
Advocacy Programs

Strategic collaboration with key advocates can open doors that are closed to others. We open those doors for you. 

  • Target Opportunity Identification
  • Comprehensive, Turnkey Program Development
  • Partner Integration & Coordination

It IS all about the company you keep these days. Get connected to the right people and the results are powerful and viral. 

  • Target Opportunity Identification
  • Comprehensive, Turnkey Program Development
  • Direct Mail
  • Digi-Social
  • Tracking & Metrics

Case studies

Putting Social Conversation
to Work
Putting Social Conversation<br />to Work Putting Social Conversation<br />to Work
Branding the People & the Practice
Branding the People & the Practice Branding the People & the Practice
Scoliosis &
Spinal Surgery
Influencing The Influencers for Persuasion
Influencing The Influencers for Persuasion Influencing The Influencers for Persuasion
Caring Through Customized Patient Education
Caring Through Customized Patient Education Caring Through Customized Patient Education

Hey, you get around!

We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most interesting brands in the world.
Big, small, rich, emerging? Yep. Food, pharma, finance, pets, vets, babies and boomers? You bet.

If we did it for them, WE CAN DO IT FOR YOU.

An office is the worst place to grow a business!

REALITY CHECK: When you step outside of the office and look around, you find there’s a lot of great thinking that can feed your inspiration.

Welcome to our collection of what we think is some of the best, most creative, REAL communication out there (and some that fails at being real). We even give out a special award sometimes — A GWH W.T.F.—to showcase the Winners, Toss-Ups, and Flops. ‘Cause hey, inspiration can come from lots of places, right?

Because every brand needs one.

Powerful Branding Through Promotion

What does pet adoption have to do with home buying? Well, a recent TV spot from Coldwell Banker will make you believe it's quite a lot.

In a promotional campaign that has been going on for 3 years now, Coldwell Banker and Adopt-A-Pet have found homes for over 20,000 dogs. That’s pretty impressive in itself, but what really makes the promotion so outstanding is its ability to raise awareness about the importance of pet adoption without coming off as self-serving in any way.

It’s a beautiful spot — from the direction to the editing, the casting, the set design — everything comes together so perfectly. Repeated viewings will impress anyone, so perfectly edited.  (Just take for example how quickly we understand the man’s loneliness after a failed relationship. That all happens in about 4 seconds. Bedside photo. Doors open. Doors close. It’s really quite astounding in its efficiency.) There isn’t a wasted moment and the payoff is truly emotional. Don’t miss the behind-the-scene video as well.

The admirable fact: when your promotional efforts are so right and so strategically aligned with your brand message that emotional impact isn’t sullied by overt self-promotion or commercialism, that's a total win.

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