Winners, Toss-Ups or Flops – One Team for the Cure.

Introducing W.T.F. Or as we like to call it, Winners, Toss-Ups or Flops. Whenever we feel like it, we will use this forum to bestow a W.T.F. on a program or idea that we see worth special mention. Would welcome anyone else’s POV as well — after all, that’s what makes this all fun.

First Official “W.T.F: Winner!” goes to the NFL Players Association and their One Team for the Cure campaign to promote breast cancer awareness and support the NFL Crucial Catch campaign. Don’t really pay full attention to the games on at my house, but BOY did this one catch my eye. Big dudes in big shoulder pads… with pink gloves on! And could that be the infamous pink ribbon on the field? Yes! Way to go!

How to humanize the game, drive focus on the cause and just do a great thing! LOVED IT! You?

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