Mobile Meets Retail.

We love this new app available on iPhone that provides consumers with rewards just by walking into a store. Launched just 2 months ago, ShopKick ( is picking up momentum and has Best Buy, Macy’s, American Eagle, Sports Authority and Simon Malls on board. Their test app, CauseWorld, was sponsored by P&G.

We see endless opportunities to reach consumers in the moment. Our Reality Check? On the plus side: There are no “fake check ins” as in store transmitters actually verify when a consumer is in store (unlike Foursquare where consumers can check in just by being within the vicinity).  Shopkick delivers instant savings coupons and you get points, “kickbucks”, that can be used across all brands or donate to charity. Points accumulate when you cross the threshold and interact with the brand such as trying on jeans or scanning in the upc.

And best of all, your whereabouts are between you and the retailer –not for public broadcast. With American Eagle and the largest mall retailer on board, their target audience reaches teens, an enviable target. The downside? While 33% of teens want to have an iPhone; less than 15% of teens actually do according to a Piper Jaffray survey – worth a reality check. Nonetheless, we think this app has good potential. Do you?

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