Put Your Money Where Your… Wrinkles Are!

While she is not new, think one of her latest deserves a “W.T.F. WINNER” call-out, too!

Corporate America —why are you not calling on Anita Renfroe?

A comedian from Atlanta GA, and the mother of three, rose to notoriety with her comic rendition of everything that a mother would typically say to her children in the course of a day, set to the William Tell Overture and entitled Momisms.

But what recently made my day was her “All the Wrinkled Ladies.” parody of Beyonce’s hit.

Think Dove has the monopoly on “real women” appreciating their real, honest selves? This takes it to a whole new level! If you listen carefully to the words, you will realize that our youth-obsessed culture is getting a run for its money (and deservedly so)! So all the brands out there who claim to target this “real woman,” … where are you and how could Anita Renfroe help?

She is a regular commentator on Good Morning America. Clearly they get the real women who watch their show. Way to go Anita!

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