Sticks & Stones got nothing on this name calling!

CBS’s new #1 romantic comedy, “Mike & Molly” is certainly getting a lot of attention after Marie Claire Blogger Maura Kelly, went on a rant against fatties on TV causing a ton of exposure for the network. The controversy was then featured on the Early Show, Today Show, The View and The Talk along with other TV blogs sites.

CBS producers’ predicted the controversy would set ad rates for a :30 second spot on the show at $189,000/per — making it the highest rate for any of this season’s new shows, and just under the top five in primetime.

So yes, sometimes taking people out of their comfort zone can earn recognition and dollars.  But does controversy create the right exposure?  Who do you think will be the first advertiser to sign on — WeightWatchers… or Lay’s Potato Chips?  Or will the risk just be too great knowing that it could backfire? What a mess… or is it an opportunity?

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