Bitter on Twitter?

Kutcher Tweets his own CoWhen you read a Tweet about a company or product, are you getting an honest, grassroots opinion by a consumer (I thought I was), or something else entirely?

But when companies advertise on Craigslist looking to pay people to Tweet positive words about their products and services, or celebrities are paid thousands of dollars per Tweet for endorsements, hey, perhaps a Reality Check is in order.

There are certainly many Twitter brand success stories out there where real consumers talk to one another about brands and brand preferences. In other cases, they appear to be nothing more than paid endorsements, particularly when it comes to celebrities. Take Kim Kardashian who is reportedly paid $10,000 per endorsement Tweet, or Ashton Kutcher, endorsing PopChips to his 5MM+ followers, a company in which he has a minority stake.

Regulators have recently begun to require paid endorsements on Twitter to mention that they are an ad, but this is very tough to enforce. So when it comes to product commentary on Twitter, instead of Buyer Beware, I guess it’s now Believer Beware! What you see and read on Twitter isn’t always what it appears. What a shame.

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