Table for 2 To Go?

Ok, the good just got better. I love the gourmet food truck craze that has been taking the streets by storm (especially in LA). From London’s doubledecker Root Master, serving hoards of hungry Brits on the go since 2006, to Kogi’s BBQ media sensation and San Francisco’s Le Truc, they all have their angle (and their issues), But now there’s a new and improved gastro-experience rolling into town… the Bustaurant! And here, it’s the Worldfare edition!

Literally just like it sounds, the Bus/Restaurant combo solves the street diner’s dilemma — where to eat if you want a seat? These creative mobile contraptions have added a restaurant/café to the top “floor”, with the Chef and kitchen on the bottom, for a well-rounded dining experience! Now I know they aren’t infinitely scalable,…and permits are a headache,…and the eating establishments will fight you… and all those other “experiential” issues. But those issues always exist.  Now just for a moment, Food Clients, can’t you just smile at the vision of (YOUR BRAND) Café, decked out as only your equity would have it, music and maybe even entertainment enhancing the appropriate (Branded) ambiance, cruising the streets of anytown USA meeting and greeting and EATING with your consumers. What a great way to interact with your consumer one-on-one and create a totally unique and memorable experience.

WTF Award: WINNER-on-Training Wheels in my estimation. Just too many really cool things this Bustaurant could do to not figure out your way around the rest. I admit it – I’m a creative solution junkie.

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