Real People, Unreal Results

Shake Weight ad

There are so many quick fit solutions on the market, you have got to wonder… who believes this stuff, and more importantly who buys this stuff?  Many consumers still look for the “magic bullet” when it comes to beauty and healthcare.

Marketing has always been about selling the promise, but the promise needs to be somewhat believable and the brand has to deliver on the promise. The promise that consumers will look like the model in this Shake Weight ad by using the product 6 minutes a day certainly calls for a consumer Reality Check.

Outrageous benefits, little effort necessary, and a hot bod showing what you could look like in 6 minutes a day is a great promise, but not one that is realistic.  Sadly, many consumers will still plunk down the $29.95 just hoping that maybe this is indeed the magic bullet.  In my opinion, Shake Weight is playing to real people who want unreal results, all for just $29.95.

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