What’s in a name?

generic planeRead an article today and was stopped dead in my marketing-geek tracks. And it wasn’t because of the content of the article. It was one simple line:  “…The others aren’t brands, they’re just the names of airlines.” Now, the article did happen to be about the latest ad campaigns to break on competing air carriers. And it was a lovely article. But it was the clarity of this one line at the very end that stuck with me. “They aren’t brands, they’re just the names of _________.” Insert products as you will. And so I did.

And I was saddened. Of all the countless “brands” I have worked on, pitched, and or purchased, it was staggering to me how many were just “names of ______.” A clever copy line doesn’t make a brand. An advertisement or Facebook page doesn’t make a brand.  Some folks out there do know what it takes, but they are few and far between. Where are the great marketers who want to work with great creative minds and who get this fact? If you are out there, I want to meet you!

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