Another Kardashian Deal?

Forget keeping up with the Kardashians, I can barely keep up with the number of endorsement deals this woman has committed to in the past few years.

She endorses:
– Quick Trim diet products
– Fusion Beauty
– Bravada
– Fit In Your Jeans by Friday workout DVDs
– Beach Bunny Swimwear
– Kardashian for Bebe line
– Kim Kardashian perfume/tanner at Sephora.
– Balenciaga shoes
– Muscle Flex VATA athletic wear
– Carl’s Jr

She owns or co-owns:
– Dash Designer Clothing
– Perfect Skin
– Kardashian Khaos
– K-Dash Clothing on QVC

Her new book called Kardashian Konfidential hit stores November 23. Rumor has it she got paid $25,000 to sponsor a Tweet for Armani, which in turn drove 40,000 people to their site in 24 hours. (A great response rate by the way.)

Just when you think she’d be tired though… she has apparently signed on to promote Sketcher’s Shape-Ups fitness footwear with her mom in a Shape-Up Challenge. (One possible conflict has her not tweeting as part of a campaign to end hunger.) Seemingly famous for being famous, and with no real talent per se, she’s taken a page out of the Paris Hilton playbook and made something of nothing.

Look at how Kim uses her reality TV show as a marketing tool for some of those product endorsements too. But is it overkill? (She’s just pulled out of one endorsement deal after criticism that her Kardashian Prepaid MasterCard fees were too high.)

When does too much exposure become a bad thing?

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