Just Who Do We Trust?

TrustTrust is earned but it can also be fleeting. Just take a look at how cyber force Wikileaks helped to alter Bank of America’s trust this past week within nanoseconds. Or for that matter, how quality and safety issues took its toll on Toyota and its trusted brand image this past year. So, just who do we trust these days?

A Harris Interactive poll was recently released listing the type of companies that consumers do trust these days. At the top of the list? Supermarkets and hospitals. I find that a very interesting combination. On the one hand, you almost need to trust hospitals because sometimes it can be a life or death situation. But supermarkets? I guess you want to trust the hand that feeds you. Most interesting though, is that almost half of consumers trusted none of the 17 industries which Harris Interactive has been tracking for the past 8 years; an almost +30% increase in mistrust. Talk about fleeting.

Harris Trusted Industries chart


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