I’ll Have a T-shirt with My Gum, Please.

Whoa! Doritos and pretzels at 3PM just got trumped. It seems a vending machine company called Innovative Vending Solutions (IVS), actually set up a vending machine for the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group to sell a new line of its Kia Soul “Hamstar” hamster-wear clothing (including t-shirts, hats, and hoodies) at this year’s MTV Movie awards. The text-activated machine let the recipient choose the style and color of the product they wanted, then dispensed it in seconds.

According to pitchengine.com,  IVS also has a line of NFL merchandise: “The NFL has stocked some vending machines  with officially licensed NFL merchandise. Sports fans can easily purchase shirts, footballs, trading cards, customized rubber bands, bobbleheads and more, all carrying their favorite team’s logo. The machines have already been installed at the Mall of America, with other retail outlets expected to soon follow suit.”

It’s a pretty clever idea that also extends Hyundai’s ad campaign into unique spaces where people are. Imagine what will be delivered in vending machines in the months or years to come. It seems if you can dream it, you can vend it. So what types of vending machine items would get your attention (and money)?

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