Product Placement, Free Inside This Show!

Colbert Product PlacementA recent Colbert Report alerted me to some shocking news regarding Daytime Dramas or “Soap Operas”. Apparently they are still being broadcast. And not only that, but as viewership has dropped over 80% in the past 20 years (their audience is dying of old age and young viewers don’t seem to care), they are turning to product placement to increase their ad revenue. But not just the kind of subtle product placement you might notice from time to time in movies and TV, these “ads” are scripted right into the narrative; “baked-right-in” as it were.

Now, I’ve never been a fan of The Soaps myself; I’ve always thought that their production value left them with a sort of grey, dull kind of sadness; something almost existentially depressing. But I can’t help but wonder what fans today think of this new development.

Some blogs are indeed chatting about it. “Shameless! Completely shameless…”, “I prefer my product placements to be more subtle…”, “That was just like a commercial, only worse”. Not exactly ringing endorsements, but I have to admit, I am at this very moment thinking about Cheerios and Chex Mix. And of course how Blake and Chad are getting along these days.

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