Hello Room Service? A bottle of wine and a guitar, please.

nhow hotel BerlinAlways trend-forward, check out Europe’s  first “music hotels” that opened in Germany last month. The unique nhow Berlin is a hip, new hotel where you don’t  just get room and board, but truly check in to the world of music & fashion. The hotel is located on the banks of the river Spree, in the epicenter of the music, fashion and creative scene in the heart of Berlin.

While checking in and rocking out is nothing new—just ask the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago where you can check in and get a Gibson to use for your staty, this hotel boasts of having two recording studios, a staff of music majors, ipod connections in every room, and the ability to order “delicacies” like guitars from room service. They have an ever changing “dynamic space”, made up of various artists exhibits, including sculptors, graffiti artists, painters, designers and multimedia installations.

Seems you don’t even have to leave the hotel to buy the latest fashion trends from hot, local designers either, because they sell their collections in a designated area just for those with “a passion for fashion.”  The hotel’s philosophy — “always at the cutting edge and, above all, always different. In tune with the times.”

Talk about everything under one roof.  Service at the cutting edge of cool. Think of all the ways to apply this level of customer uniqueness and delight!

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