Archery Karaokee Anyone?

Chess Boxing

Just when you thought, “Now here’s the most ridiculous new hybrid concept that doesn’t stand a chance for longevity”, a savvy marketer in Berlin has already capitalized on the new sport of Chess Boxing. Picture a rink with a chess game and two opponents alternating between making a chess move and physically throwing punches at each other. Out of its quickly escalating popularity, a chess boxing-themed hotel has just opened for the enjoyment of athletes and spectators alike.

Well that got me thinking — if that’s just one example of a hybrid concept that’s really gaining traction, I can only imagine how many other budding hybrid ideas are out there with room for unconventional marketing support?

And likewise, there’s an equally vast opportunity to apply the hybrid philosophy to more conventional products or services, as a new way to reach consumers. Cause Integration is a classic example of hybrid marketing, as it’s serving the purpose of selling a product and also supporting a cause. And with numbers such as 89% of Americans wanting companies to support causes during the holiday season, there are undoubtedly strong reasons for its popularity.

So the next time you hear about Archery Karaoke or Badminton Wrestling, they may sound silly at first, but if you think about them creatively, you can harness their quirky appeal and at the same time, laugh all the way to the bank!


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