Have You Texted Your Mom Lately?

Want to reach your mom? Text her. According to a Millennial Media report, 66% of moms send/receive text messages at home while 34% send/receive them elsewhere. It could be argued that the proliferation of moms using text messaging is most likely fueled by their kids’ usage. Texting is the number one preferred method of communication for teens and the top reason for mobile usage according to a Nielsen study.

As one mom put it, “I’ll call my teen daughter on her cell phone and she doesn’t bother to pick up, but when I text her, she texts back almost immediately.”  I asked my teen daughter why this is.  After the proverbial rolling of her eyes, she carefully explained: “When you are out with your friends, the last thing you want is a phone call from your mother checking up on you. With texting, it’s anonymous. Everyone is busy texting and so no one notices if one of those messages just happens to be from your mom.” Have you texted your mom lately?


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