Make Mine a Free McLatte on Fridays!

I have to admit I’m a coffee snob…but not in the way you might think. I’m not someone who HAS to have a Starbucks. I just like a nice hot skim latte. Don’t get me wrong, I have a cappuccino machine and a Tassimo machine, but for some reason the “frilly” coffees just taste better when I don’t have to make them (or when I don’t have to clean the machine). Last year, I decided it was crazy to be spending $25 a week to enjoy a venti skim latte every morning. On a whim, I tried the new McCafé iced latte because someone had told me it wasn’t bad. I gave it a shot, though mind you the girl at the drive-thru thought I was crazy that I wanted skim milk, no sugar and no syrup. But surprisingly, I liked it. I decided that spending $12 a week was much more palatable and the girl at McDonalds didn’t grimace at me looking for a tip.

Well, iced latte now has turned into hot latte and yesterday morning I had the most pleasant surprise. My McCafé coffee came with a 2”x2.5” inconspicuous, blown on sticker that read “McCafé Rewards Card.” Closer examination informed me “It’s like earning interest in coffee form.” Intrigued, I pulled the sticker off to find a very simple rewards program that asked me to collect four of the diamond-shaped stickers from any size hot McCafé coffee cup to receive a FREE medium hot or iced McCafé beverage…including all the “frilly” coffees that I like.

I have not seen any promotional materials for this rewards card and I even Googled it and found nothing. Pretty targeted toward current McCafé consumers – either that or the cups arrived before the promotional materials. I must admit that this program will stop me from straying to Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks once or twice per week. The promotion ends on 2/28/22…so I’m pretty happy to stick with McCafé and enjoy 12 weeks of FREE latte on Fridays!

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