KABOOM! That was the sickening sound when my pc laptop went careening to the floor. To my ultimate horror when turning on my computer, my lcd screen was shattered on the inside. The glass was intact but the inside looked like a perversely cracked mirror.  Not the best way to begin 2011.

Have you ever been without your computer for a day? You discover just how seriously your addiction is when you have to go cold turkey being unplugged from the world. Yes, I can use my smart phone but it is not the same. There is something about being able to solidly work on your laptop, freely surf the net on a larger screen, getting your email, not to mention social media ventures. Can I survive without my laptop and the bigger question until it is fixed, for how long?

 Computer addiction is a recognized phenomenon. Recently, in a study from the University of Maryland, 200 students were asked to give up all areas of media access for one day and afterwards, measured for symptoms of addiction through withdrawal, cravings and a struggle to function at usual capacity. Students indicated that without digital ties, they felt unconnected even to those who are close by in the real world and exhibited symptoms associated with addiction.

I can relate. While it did indeed seem like I was taking an illegal vacation, I felt disconnected from my work and had to rethink how to connect the old fashion way before emails, skype and social media.  It is painful but hopefully short lived.


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