I sing, therefore iPad.

In a sign of what is surely more-to-come, the first commercially available album recorded on an iPad is now available. The band Gorillaz, famous for being represented mostly by animated cartoon avatars has made their latest album using mostly iPad software. While on their most recent tour, front man Damon Albarn used traditional instruments such as ukulele, piano and guitar; along with synthesizers and other electronics. Apps for iPad include Speak It!, SoundyThingie and Mugician, along with some 19 others.

High-quality portable recording devices have been in use for decades, as a part-time musician myself, I’d have to say that a tablet device with this much software available represents a quantum leap in quality and portability over even current digital recording devices.

Putting affordable, quality tools like this in the hands of musicians, artists and filmmakers is one of the best reasons I can think of for advances in technology. Who knows where the next awesome album or film is going to come from?


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