Hangover Helpers…Wish I’d Thought of It!

Hangover HelperToday, every entrepreneur is focused on the latest breakthrough in technology and creating the next Facebook. When I was in college, we had the “pie man” who sold pies to drunken college students at 2am or the “sandwich man” who sold baloney sandwiches. Well, I have to hand it to these two University of Colorado graduates. Talk about insights…

Insight 1: University of Colorado – Boulder has a reputation as a top party school…check!

Insight 2: College kids like to party (and trash stuff) but College kids (and most kids, for that matter) do not like to clean up, they like to sleep…check!

Insight 3: When you party hardy, hangovers LOVE junk food…check!

Insight 4: Although college students typically have limited funds, they will spend their money on things that they view as “considerable value.” Morning-after food, parties and not having to clean up puke are deemed “considerable value”…check!

From these key insights, “Hangover Helpers” was born. For $15 per roommate, Alex Vere-Nicoll and Marc Simons will come to a house after a party, bring breakfast burritos, Gatorade (added value) and clean up sticky red plastic cups and beer stains.

I have 3 boys and I have to concur with Vere-Nicoll when asked, “Are some people really that lazy?”…uh, yes. So kudos for capitalizing on the lucrative behavior change of getting students to call Hangover Helpers…much easier than it would be to get the students to actually clean up after themselves.


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