Making a Delicious Difference.

Kraft VolunteersKraft Foods employees generously volunteered their efforts this past year to help benefit those in need. The largest volunteer event in company’s history (And what a history it is: Kraft donated over $1 billion to hunger-relief organizations in the past 25 years!). More than 20,000 volunteers in 56 countries helped plan community gardens, built playgrounds, served food to the hungry and donated to food banks. While Corporate America frequently gives back, this concerted effort by Kraft marks one of the largest. 

Some examples of their work:

In Brasil, employees helped with home maintenance for the elderly, production of liquid soap in poor communities, etc.

In Dubai, Kraft employees built a 1.6 mile long sandwich to feed the hungry.

In Japan, nearly 300 employees helped feed the needy and  cleaned up garbage.

In the UK, more than 1000 employees helped feed the hungry and donated clothing

and, finally, back at home in the US, about 1500 employees in 8 states built new playgrounds, served food at soup kitchens and planted vegetable gardens.

We applaud this tremendous humanitarian effort, making a delicious difference in the world today.


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