A New Year, Go For It.

So it is almost a month into New Year’s resolutions and just how are yours going? I recently read that 45 percent of people usually set New Year’s resolutions, yet only 8 percent of people are successful in achieving them, according to Opinion Corporation of Princeton, NJ.

In a Brand Keys survey, the Top 10 2011 New Year’s resolutions were cited as:

  1. Get yourself organized (89%)
  2. Do things that make you happy (85%)
  3. Learn something new (74%)
  4. Exercise more (63%)
  5. Watch your diet (58%)
  6. Find a new job (50%)
  7. Better manage your finances (45%)
  8. Spend more time with your family (43%)
  9. Quit smoking (30%)
  10. Quit drinking (18%)

Hmm. Aren’t these the same Top 10 every year? Really? Getting organized is the number one resolution?  I’d like to include a revision for the Top New Year’s resolution for 2011:

Be adventurous –Try something different than you have done all your life. Maybe it is something on your “bucket list” or maybe as a marketer, it is not endless testing but going with your gut and not looking back. Having watched the film “Social Network” recently, what stuck with me is that these kids just went for it – no testing, no real hard facts, no formal contracts (which yes, got them into a lot of trouble), and a positive, almost cocky “can-do” attitude that they will ask questions later. Maybe not the best route completely but 500MM “friends” later, extremely successful. No looking back, just forging ahead based on your gut instinct that it is right. How many of your ideas have sat stifled as you were still doing your homework? Now is the time to be adventurous. New breakthrough ideas? Be resolved and just go for it. Or you can settle for the number one resolution and get more organized.


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