Getting people to do stuff — good stuff!

YoxiOK. It’s clear by now. We are all about “Getting people to do stuff.” And lots of those people have good ideas… so how about ideas that can help do good or make a difference? (like taking the Volkswagon Fun Theory to the next level.)

Well check out Yoxi (pronounced YO-see).  Launched earlier in 2010, is a site that runs a competition for ideas to engage users to “to help tackle social issues” in an attempt to help change the world in a fun way. (There’s that idea of fun again. Hmmm, could be onto something, no?)

“Yoxi is a creative competition and a social game. Teams of problem solvers battle to deliver the best solutions to social issues. You vote, comment, pledge and play along online. The winning team gets the funding opportunities and positioning to make their idea a reality. The more stuff you do, the more your voice is heard. That way, you play to support great ideas brought to the real world.”

Go to the website, check out the various topics, maybe even come up with a great “world changing” idea yourself!

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