Facebook Knows All.

Everyone knows about the 500MM people worldwide reach of Facebook, even if you haven’t seen the Social Network (good flick). I find myself loving Facebook not only for reconnecting with old elementary school friends, but to see how smart Marketers are using it.

Facebook recently announced an updated Profile layout that allowed people to stay with the old format for a few weeks before forcing the new one on to everyone the other day. Many users are not happy.

Well I was forced to do it too. I found it easy to update all kinds of personal information, and it was actually fun to think about and list my favorite musical artists (Dylan, Beethoven and others), authors (the brilliant Ray Bradbury) and sports teams (Bronx Bombers, of course, among others). And just like magic, as soon as I saved the update, voila, there were ads related to my updates on the right side of the page! Want tickets to see Loudon Wainwright III?  Click here. Want an official licensed NY Jets scale train? Click right here.

Interestingly Facebook says the change was made for its users, to improve their connectivity with their friends . What some others are claiming is that it was done for the benefit of its advertisers, and to increase Facebook’s ad revenue. I’m in that camp. How many millions of people just updated or added to their personal information with the new layout?

I wonder how many Marketers are leveraging this explosion of new personal information with Facebook advertising like I’ve been exposed to just yet? What a clean way to target. I say what I like, you make me an offer that you know relates to my interests. Not much guesswork here. Where’s my Derek Jeter 3000th Hit Club t-shirt offer? I can’t wait!

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