I Heart Hallmark

In honor of Valentine’s Day, thought it would be a perfect time to salute Hallmark®. But not for the obvious reasons you may think at this time of year. It’s because of their unwavering understanding of, and commitment to, their brand essence. They are about sharing the caring, conveying feelings and emotion and, as they currently say, “enriching lives.”

But they aren’t about being a card company. They aren’t about being a card store. If they were, they would have flipped out when e-communications took over and people stopped focusing on holidays. Unlike newspapers who defined their equity as “the delivery of newspapers” (and flipped when people stopped buying those) , Hallmark  understands their essence enough to see that caring and sharing will change expression again and again over time. They don’t define themselves by a form of communication, but by the need to communicate, which will never die.

From paper cards you mail, to paper cards they mail for you,  to e-cards, announcements and invitations online, from sentimental paper calendars to recordable, personalized storybooks, Hallmark has kept us caring enough to “send the very best” however we choose to express ourselves.

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