Students (and Brands) get lucky!

Lucky StudentLuckyStudent, a new start-up, the company is focusing its efforts on reaching college students, originally in Canada and now in the United States. LuckyStudent claims to make student life a whole lot better.

The company kicked off their entry into the U.S. last week with a promotional campaign that partnered with Canada’s largest independent record label, Dine Alone Records. The promotion included hosting a live Dinosaur Bones (Dine Alone Records newly signed band) concert in their offices and invited college students, fans and local media.

The concept is simple… LuckyStudent offers “sweet deals” from brands college students love.  Brands have the opportunity to interact one on one with students. Members watch a video (advertisement), rate it and supply written feedback. They are then eligible to obtain exclusive rewards for participation. LuckyStudent also has a monthly $15,000 drawing for students and their affiliated schools.

Marketers then have access to real-time, uncensored feedback about their brands in hopes that they can stay ahead of trends and react quickly to newly gained marketing insights.

Too new to tell, but I’m staying tuned to see where this interactive student marketing effort goes!

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