For the Inner Child In Us.

The latest commercial from Honda is called “This Unpredictable Life” and features the unmistakable voice of Garrison Keillor. It features our life from start to… well, to the moment we realize the need for some stability and sense. This is where Honda Fit comes in! What I absolutely loved about this particular spot, is how dreamy and creative life’s progression is depicted. What also helped my “inner child” stay glued to the screen are the many wonderful creatures one encounters “flying” through life… Sweet! But that’s not all!

I suppose, there’s also a geek hidden inside me as well and for him, there’s a fun payoff at the end!!! All you have to do, is download an iPhone app (Honda Jazz), wave the iPhone in front of your screen and “catch” the coolest creatures that populate our “life”. That’s all! Happy travels and good hunting!

P.S. If I can just get an iPhone finally!!!!

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