True Plastic Fantastic Love.

Well, I am glad that a 50-year-old relationship is reunited. Barbie was born in 1959 and met Ken in 1961. They were together for 43 years before a much publicized 7-year split when Barbie dumped Ken for an Australian surfer dude after Ken wouldn’t commit. Happily, Barbie and Ken are a  power couple again reconciling on Valentine’s Day.

Kudos to Mattel for this fun campaign which played out the romance via both traditional and social media outlets, adding much hype leading up to the reconciliation. This was timed perfectly for the annual Toy Fair and the relaunch of Mattel’s “Smooth Talking” Ken.  The campaign used a combination of both traditional and social media such as:  billboards, publicity, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Foursquare. Mattel has contemporized the 50-year-old romance with such ploys as a clever YouTube video showing Ken signing up for looking for the perfect doll, only to find Barbie already listed.  After wooing Barbie for months, new “Smooth Talking Ken” has won her over causing Barbie to officially change her facebook status to “in a relationship”.

True plastic fantastic love–at least in this toy story.


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