Cages? Rattling What Cages?

It seems the “crowd-sourced” Pepsi spots during the Super Bowl were considered a hit. I’ve just seen  a new entry via Victors & Spoils for Harley Davidson that delivers mixed results. In a :60 that’s based on a concept from a dedicated rider, a metaphor is taken to it’s extreme and then fails to link to the spot’s essential message: that Harley now offers customization through it’s website.

As a non-rider, I’m bored at :30 spot, got the concept, what’s your point? Oh, it’s a Harley.  And then the customization aspect seems entirely tacked on. Not a bad metaphor, but apparently “cages” are inside-biking term for “cars” so, a bit redundant to put a car in a cage? I just don’t get the sense of freedom from this spot that would get me to a Harley dealer. I’ll ride on. This spot is just rattling empty cages for me.

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