When Did Google Become a Verb?

Over the past several weeks I’ve had conversations with my son in the car about school. On many occasions he asked me questions that either I don’t know the answer or (mostly likely) I don’t want to think about the answer. I laugh now as I think of how I’ve been answering him. My standard answer has been, “I’m not sure. Let’s Google it when we get home.” 

When I ran across an article a few days ago, I chuckled. This is exactly why Google has become a verb. Google has progressed and stayed fresh in providing information for it’s users. Simply put…we can’t live without it. Google Search, Google Shared Calendars, Google Health, Google Realtime, Boutiques.com…and now Google for Weddings!

Google’s newest product allows couples to plan their entire wedding from a single planning portal by utilizing the free tools from Google. Google for Wedding consists of 3 main sections: Sharing, Planning and Memories. Couples can track the budget, collect guests contacts, manage to-do list, select photographers and cakes, etc…all-in-one planner. Access to the information is also available from smartphones. To add credibility, celebrity event planner Michelle Rago provides helpful tips throughout the process. To launch this new technology, Google is running a promotion offering a $25,000 competition towards a dream wedding.

Way to go Google! You deserve to be a verb! If I was planning a wedding…I’d definitely say “I do” to Google for Weddings!

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