Spartacus QRWas leafing through my wife’s People magazine (honestly, it’s not mine) the other day and came across an ad for my new favorite show, Starz’ Spartacus: Gods of the Arena . What especially caught my eye was the scannable code in the lower left hand corner. Scan the code, get additional content, programming updates and more. It’s a great application of the technology, as the show can maximize consumer involvement with all sorts of engaging content – back-story, character development, games, etc.

Reports claim that the technology is still not being used by many consumers. But I think it’s like YouTube and Facebook were 5-6 years ago — a small number of early adapters, but with the potential to explode. This scanning technology has limitless possibilities for our industry… Scannable coupons in grocery stores – being tested in some areas,  but probably 5-10 years away from scalability. Scanned payment systems – currently being introduced nationally in thousands of Starbucks stores. The applications are endless.

Thanks to the explosion in technology offerings, usage of smartphones, and the consumer’s continued hunger for ways to make their lives easier, it’s an exciting time to be in the industry. As Marketers we need to be out in front, thinking of ways to apply the new technology to our clients’ businesses in ways that really make sense for them. And if history tells us anything, we’re in for quite a ride. As Spartacus would say, “Gratitude”.

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