Responsible Drivers Wanted.

Here’s one commercial that flashed in front of my eyes so much, I decided to react to it.

In this sleek and beautifully shot spot, we meet 4 different drivers (conveniently, from almost every layer of society). They are very different, yet there’s something they all have in common. No, it’s not that they all “supposedly” driving Mercedes cars. And it’s not their age or eye color. It is their inability to be responsible drivers. A woman pours her heart out, telling how with a child in the back, she fell asleep behind the wheel. The next guy had no idea there was a truck in front of him. Was he texting? Doing his nails? I mean, they are all adults, don’t they realize the importance of paying attention? Are advertisers trying to promote irresponsibility to sell product? Or is it just me, having to share the roads with these people day after day, road raging? I’m glad that Mercedes is building a more responsive car. How about more responsible drivers?

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