Multitasking too far?

I never cease to be amazed at what is being marketed for social media lately — and now I’ve seen everything! Apple has a new app available called, MegaReader 2.1 and its soon to be infamous  ‘heads up’ feature display.  While it gives access to 1.8 Million Free Books using any Apple device equipped with a camera and running on iOS4, the WOW (or wacky?) thing is that it allows you to view the text as an overlay while looking through a live view from your camera! So, I guess, if you want to walk and read at the same time, you can now go for it….  But hmmmm if this is the latest trend, what’s next? Doctors reading while they operate? Bus drivers with screens up on their windshields? Think we’re taking these “do it all” apps a little too far lately?

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