Yup, State Farm IS there.

A post about an insurance company? Really? Why?  Because I just love advertising that makes me do something (in this case, not only laugh out loud, but remember an age old jingle and hum it later when I least expect it during the oddest times!)

Appears to be controversial, but I just love the latest State Farm Insurance campaign. Seen it? For a company that has been around since about 1922, their Good Neighbor campaign (and jingle), has, in my mind, just gotten a major dose of ‘today’. Does the insurance company really beam you out of harm’s way and ferocious buffalo? Can you agent turn your partner into a raging hunk or supermodel? Duh. Can’t even make that hot tub materialize.

But what is does do is make Boomers hear the words to that yester-jingle (sans sappy June Cleaver voice) remember, smile (maybe even laugh) and think of the brand again. And lets everyone else see a staid, ominous industry get their name back out there in a way that will relate to younger buyers. How is that bad? And why is it controversial? I get the message that this is a company that will work to fulfill my needs. Anyone dumb enough to think this means the delivery of hot tubs deserves to be disappointed. I ‘get’ a message of service and customer satisfaction.

PS: Liberty Mutual’s ‘Responsibility. What’s Your Policy’ campaign sticks to the more expected consumer benefits, and even does it quite well. But even with their nifty CGI, I still wouldn’t remember who did the spots. Now what’s the point?

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  1. Jennis says:

    Pecfert answer! That really gets to the heart of it!

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