A Royal Sweepstakes?

Wm and KateI admit, I am a total groupie for all things British Royal, being introduced to the “repositioned brand” through Princess Diana over the years of her public life. Followed every detail and “scoop” as if it were my own family and cried a million tears at her funeral.

So how awesome is it now to see the strengthening of the Brand she tried so hard to launch — The People’s Princess. Her son acts like ‘the people’, lives among ‘the people’ and finally, selects a ‘Commoner’ (oh but they have to lose that word) as his bride. Then to top it off with a Brand- cherry, they invite the local merchants and townspeople from Kate’s hometown to THEWEDDING.

Imagine getting that invitation? Talk about winning a very big Royal Sweepstakes — total chance of being included, no ‘purchase necessary’, but what a whopper of a brand-image-enhancing Grand Prize! (Though maybe the new hat they’ll have to buy to be able to attend should be counted as ‘consideration’?)

Sincere? I hope so. PR stunt? Possibly. But boy oh boy, do they ‘get’ the Brand that Mummy tried to create — a Brand that, if not embraced and grown, could mean the demise one day soon, of that Brand entirely, the oft accused ‘antiquated monarchy system.’ Current users dissatisfied? Reposition. Not attracting “new users?” Reposition. Get a new spokesperson. Create dialog with your users.

Diana got it, and these two seem to have taken that nascent Brand equity to heart.

Hey, maybe they reviewed one of our GW Hoffman G.P.S. Branding seminars? You never know…


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