Not Everything is Funny.

During the way-more-boring-than-usual Oscar ceremonies, I was struck by a 60-second spot for Fancy Feast Cat food. I could describe everything that happens in it, but that would take too long. I’ll let you watch it instead. Ready? Okay, have you ever seen more plot crammed into a minute-long commercial? I always thought “It’s A Wonderful Life” was the height of narrative efficiency, but this Fancy Feast spot has more going on in it than a feature-length RomCom!

Looking at the comments on YouTube, it seems the commercial successfully tugs at the heart strings. As for me, I spent the entire minute waiting for something horrible to happen. Will the woman turn down the gentleman’s proposal? Will the cat leap at someone’s face? Why does the kitten look like CGI? No, it seems there are times when irony and sarcasm can just take a break, thank you very much. Perhaps I spend too much time looking for the punchline. What, there is no joke? Well alright then.

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