Seriously? Think BEFORE You Post, Tweet, Tag!

I honestly can’t even believe that I’m writing this blog. I’ll start by saying that for those marketers understanding social networking, things have been positive. For those of you wrapped up in Facebook and Twitter…Think before you post. If you have done or are about to do something you shouldn’t, these 4 rules could come in handy for you…

Rule #1: If you are “friends” with anyone you work with or go to school with or play sports with…Don’t post stuff about playing hooky.

Rule #2: If you would like to keep your job…Don’t post that your boss is an a$$ or how you did something really gross to the food at Dominos.

Rule #3: If you really feel compelled to commit a felony…Don’t threaten the victim before you do it or gloat about it after you do it.

Rule #4: Remember…Pictures are worth a thousand words…especially those that you’ve been tagged in.

A recent article from the NY Times tells us that when investigating a crime, Facebook and Twitter are often the first places the cops look. If you’re not a criminal, a lapse in judgment can still turn out bad for you. You could lose: a chance at getting into college, a job, custody of your kids, alimony (that goes back to the pictures rule!), and more.

Remember, Mom, Dad, Granny and even the men in blue are reading your posts.


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