Of course there are Rules to be followed to do great advertising. Product, appetite appeal, brand name focus, substantiated claims… blah, blah, blah. Big deal. Take a look at these two ads in a recent issue of Everyday Food.

Tuna adsTuna fish ads. Exciting, eh?  Wild Planet played by The Rules— big appetite appeal shot (for whose appetite, though, I can’t say), requisite product shot, relevant claim.

Then you have… well at first I didn’t quite know what. Funky, fun typography, mouthwatering food shot (oh dear, but it’s smaller than the headline! Gasp!) And what the heck is TUNATHEWONDERFISH? Is that a brand??

Well there was just enough oddity about this ad that I did what I suspect was exactly what they intended. Googled the web site, watched the videos, played around in the recipe section and came away with a whole new appreciation (and appetite) for tuna fish. They even understand that there are those of us out there who hate mayonnaise!

Silly? Yes. Over the top? Probably. But I did it. I did what they wanted me to do. And I remember the site even now, and the fact that there are a zillion tuna fish ideas there. Even more Rule-Breaking is that the Tuna Council is actually made up of 3 major competitors, Starkist, Bumble Bee and Chicken-of-The-Sea. Hmmm… re-invigorate the category first, then sell the brand. A novel way to do it when no one player has the bucks.

Yup, I am a Rule Breaker from way back. Guess I still am. ” Go TUNA THE WONDERFISH!”.

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