Blood, Sweat and Tears.

I honestly didn’t know what to make of this Finnish television ad. Did I like it or did it make me sick? The television and print ad was done by 3 Finnish Art Directors as a “Thank You” for winning the prestigious Cannes Young Lions Advertising Award. The Cannes Young Lions competition is open to advertising professionals 28 years and under working in the advertising businesses.

The “Thank You” ad is very creative in an eerie kind of way. It is fresh (blood can’t be stored for too long) and it is “real”.  It does symbolically exhibit the blood, sweat and tears we advertising professionals put forth. The television ad ends in a creative expression (and is the poster) that is reminiscent of the tests psychologists give. But if you look just right, it resembles a young lion so paying off all the blood, sweat & tears endured. I just hope the creatives have recovered.

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