Old Habits Die Hard.

Why is it so hard to get consumers to try something new, or to switch brands?

To answer, let’s start here, at wimp.com.¬†Too funny. Since dogs interact with the world, first and foremost, through scent, that dog actually knows that there is no glass in the door. She, no doubt, can smell fresh air, grass, and leaves and she sees her owner wave his hand around in the space. But, time and training, repetition and reward have taught the dog how to behave at the doorway. (Plus, I would be willing to bet that, as enthusiastic as this dog is, she has run into that door, in its solid form, once or twice in her life.)

You have to give kudos to the dog for being so well-trained and obedient. (Good dogggg!!) But in the video, her owner is encouraging her to do something different. So, what’s keeping the dog waiting at that empty doorframe through each attempt to invite her through it? Even though she is obviously excited, the dog is not willing or able to take the risk of a new behavior.

As a consumer, I’ve also been trained by repetitive behavior and have been rewarded for loyalty. How do you get me to take the risk of trying something different? How do you break through my resistance? It’s not easy.

But, lately, necessity is making me more open to a changing marketplace than I’ve been in a long time. Recession and rising prices are putting many tried-and-true brands out of my reach. So, I have no choice but to look for alternatives. Growing health consciousness causes me to look more closely at some of my past preferences. And the explosion in media and means to contact me and catch my attention is truly astonishing. It’s never been easier to enter a contest or a sweepstakes. You can find me on Facebook. You can tweet me on Twitter. Reality Check is filled with examples of the cleverness and reach of modern advertising. Did I hear someone around here say hologram?

So, come and get me marketers! I’m waiting with anticipation by an open, empty doorframe!!

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