Tweet this: Twitter Turns 5!

It seems like only yesterday that Twitter came into existence but it’s actually been around 5 years as they celebrated their fifth birthday last week. In that brief time, Twitter has grown by leaps and bounds- over 75 million users, 140 million tweets a day, up from 50 million just a year ago.

But some in the mainstream media continue to criticize Twitter as being trivial and mundane. It really has been anything but that, having been involved in recent world events like the revolution in Egypt and the earthquake in Japan. I continue to find it an incredibly valuable tool for connecting to the smartest people in just about any industry or finding the most current information on a given topic.

The Twitter of today is a far cry from where it was 5 years ago, heck it’s a far cry from where it was last year. With a valuation said to be in the neighborhood of $10 billion, it’s no wonder talk continues that Facebook and Google may be interested in an acquisition.

I join all those who wish Twitter a “happy birthday” and look forward to seeing all the exciting things that happen in the next five years.

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