Hacked and Hacked Off.

How many of you are receiving those pesky emails from different brands, companies and services whose blogs and emails that you subscribe to have been comprised by a security breach?

Epsilon is the world’s largest permission based email services company serving more than 2,500 clients sending 40 billion emails each year and apparently, they have been seriously hacked. As the service provider, this means that all of their clients have been compromised which means that this trickles down to the real person who is the one actually compromised. Every day millions of consumers are getting a new email from major companies telling them that their name and email address have been hacked.

What is annoying is that with this major breach, these brands and companies could use this as an opportunity to reassure their consumers. However, they use the EXACT SAME email letter which de-personalizes a very personal intrusion. It is the “form letter” that Epsilon provided – and not very reassuring at that. These companies are the very brands that consumers¬†trusted and gave permission to communicate directly with them on a personal basis: their banks, their preferred stores, their travel partners, their favorite consumer brands. And they send a notice using a form letter?

Lesson learned, when you have something as serious as this offense, take the time to communicate directly with your consumers. With the world’s largest email service being compromised, chances are your consumers are getting more than one of these letters and you are missing an opportunity to maintain brand trust. Not to mention that as a result of the recent hacking, consumers will be getting spammed and who knows what by your very trusted brand in the near future –which might just cause them to unsubscribe.


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