How many teaspoons was that?

Ever find when you’re following a recipe; that you’re constantly moving from the cutting board back to the recipe book? For me, the continual ping ponging back and forth usually takes the relaxation factor right out of it.

The creators of Digital Recipe Sidekick realized this common dilemma and found a way around it. This cool little app, available for Android devices, lets you stay at the cutting board or stovetop you’re working at because it will actually recite the recipe for you—and at your own pace, no less.

What’s better is that it listens to voice commands and responds to specific recipe-related questions. You can also ask it repeat a step or tell you how many teaspoons of an ingredient you need. And for those of you who enjoy modifying recipes to your liking, you can edit a recipe as you go.

In a world of gadgets that are often more of an aggravation than a convenience, I recommend this app to be taken with more than merely a grain of salt!

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