Totally Nuts!

Nut museumOK, here’s an out-there way to get noticed — sponsor an art gallery dedicated to your brand!  That’s what the sandwich shop “Peanut  Butter & Company” and The National Peanut Board did to get some attention. A gallery in Manhattan is putting on a show dedicated to the art of the peanut-butter sandwich and features extremely cool photos of exotic peanut-butter creations by the restaurant’s owner.  The opening was complete with free jars of peanut-butter for each family (a second jar donated to the NCY Food Bank), a soundtrack of songs featuring “nuts and peanuts,” all topped off with appetizers made with peanuts.

Being both an artist and peanut-butter fan, I think this is a wonderfully creative and delicious marketing idea! What could thinking like this do for your brand….?

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