Branded for Life.

Ecko Branded for LifeEcko Unltd., the hip trendy line of clothing that is clearly not meant for me, has the offer of a lifetime, literally.  If you permanently tattoo yourself with one of Ecko’s logo tattoo designs you are entitled to a lifetime discount of 20% every time you show your “kick-ass” tattoo at any of their store locations.

20% is the best Ecko can offer for this lifetime commitment?  Chances are on any given day, they have something on sale in the store and you don’t need a permanent tattoo to qualify for the discount. And it is more than likely that one’s interest in Ecko clothing won’t last  a lifetime. Can’t see many 80 year olds donning Ecko!  So asking for a lifetime commitment from the consumer seems like a very one sided,  if not totally self-serving proposition.

This really goes beyond the norms of brand loyalty! It will no doubt be interesting to see how many people ink on to this deal!  My guess is this will be a W.T.F. Award Flop.

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