Blog or Blunder.

Last Week Bob Parsons, Co-Founder of posted a horrific video on his blog,  showing him shooting an Elephant in Zimbabwe.  It gained instant attention and disgust from many organizations and clients of GoDaddy.  Among them PETA (a client) withdrew their business and asked others to follow suit.

The carnage grew and GoDaddy’s chief competitor announced that they would honor any domain transfers from GoDaddy for only $4.99 and would also donate $1 per domain transfer to Save the Elephants

This promotion was to last only 24 hours, but has been extended twice until this coming week.  Companies are being asked when transferring their domains, to show their protest by typing in the coupon code BYEBYEGD, thus showing their support in helping the elephants.  Looks like Bob Parsons might have shot more than an elephant!

W.T.F.* Award — FLOP!

Video courtesy of ABC news

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