Dueling Rapping CEO’s.

How fun! CE-YO Gary Hirshberg, of Stonyfield Farm, and CEO Seth Goldman, from Coca-Cola’s Honest Tea, are dueling rappers to promote organics for Earth month.

Hirshberg and the “Stonyfield Moms” created a rap video about eating organic. Not to be out done, Goldman, who is a longtime friend of Hirshberg’s, thought that they at Honest Tea could do a better rap video and responded with a  “Rethink what You Drink”. You can decide who is the better rapper but from the facebook comments, it looks like Honest Tea is winning. Consumers can outdo the CEO’s by submitting their own organic rap video to win cash and a supply of Stonyfield Yogurt and Honest Tea.

Both efforts are designed to generate awareness of eating and drinking organic as a better alternative for consumer’s health and the environment. The efforts are supported by social media: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook. Traditional media and community outreach will also be used to promote “Make Your Own Organic Rap” contests and an educational program.

Kudos to the CEOs–this helps to personalize the brands with a fun, educational approach to spread their messaging while not taking themselves too seriously. Rap on!

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