A Shrink and a Chardonnay

Shrink PartiesEvery industry has to constantly redefine itself to keep growing… how intuitive is this example: A company in England has launched Shrink Parties, get-togethers for women — either at home at specified venues — where a dose of legitimate psychotherapy is served up in tandem with cocktails and munchies. I love the description: More fun than a lecture, cheaper than a Botox party, more enlightening than a Book Group, Shrink Party is a girls’ night in with a difference as much as the topics! My personal fav — “Why is everyone else so annoying?” (Would you love an answer to that?)

More inviting than a couch in a dusty old office, more approachable too. I think it’s a great reinvention — but what does that say about my issues during toilet training?

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