Hitting a Homerun.

swisher BOABeing a huge fan of baseball, especially the 27-time-World-Series-Champion New York Yankees, a recent promotion by Bank of America caught my eye.

As part of it’s sponsorship of Major League Baseball, BOA hired Yankees outfielder and mega-personality Nick Swisher to make surprise appearances at random bank branches in NYC on a recent off day. He handed out tickets, merchandise, and signed autographs for surprised fans, and really made their day. Bank of America has 4 more of these events planned in other large MLB markets in April, to thank their loyal customers “in unexpected ways” for their business (and of course, communicate their services and leverage their $$ baseball sponsorship).

Swisher is a great pick. He’s known for his happy-go-lucky demeanor, is a heavy duty Tweeter, and often posts video chats with fans on his web site . The Yankees have also posted alerts and messages about the event to their 3MM+ fans on Facebook .

Now this isn’t the first, or will be the last “random acts of kindness” programs that marketers have done. What’s cool about this one is that it involves local celebrity athletes that not only get good press, but also leverage people’s thirst for unique experiences. BOA is allowing some of their customers to meet bigger-than-life celebrities in an easy way, just for using their services. Bank of America has hit one out of the park!

GWH W.T.F.* (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Award? What do you think I’m gonna say? WIN, WIN, WIN!

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