Petite giraffe? I wants one!

Once again, I find some little thing that I happen to find adorable, is found to be adorable by many others. The Direct TV ads featuring the Russian billionaire are amusing enough on their own, but have one small detail that I just love (and oddly enough, it isn’t the supermodels. Damn I’m getting old). No, it is of course the tiny giraffe, most recently seen getting some cardio on his tiny treadmill.

Well, they’ve taken that little joke and more than run with it. You may now order your very own “Petite Lap Giraffe”, thanks to some very creative people at Grey Advertising. The website features hysterical broken English, a history of the breed and the breeders, as well as a live webcam. Beautiful site, very funny. I don’t know if it will sell more Direct TV subscriptions, but I do know that I am number 841,367 on waiting list. I am excited! For the giraffe, not the TV subscription.

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